Industrial Engineering

Res'in Pro provides solutions to the problems of repairing pipes, valves, machinery, boilers, tires. The resins, fluids, composites and other products offered are also useful for the repair of industrial equipment of various kinds.

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Civil engineering and buildings

Res'In Pro helps you repair and protect your buildings. Discover our applications in waterproofing roofs, channels or swimming pools or in floor and wall coverings.

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Safety and healthcare

When safety and reliability are critical, Rés'In Pro assists you, for example, with its protection solutions against fire and bacteria. Need a specific coating for your food, medical or sanitary applications?

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Chemical Engineering

Discover our treatment and sealing solutions for tanks, our products for the maintenance of pumps and fans.

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Res'In Pro brings you solutions for all types of repairs, reloading of metals or coatings

Our products for pipeline repair

No products at this time.

Custom support

Res'In Pro helps you find the most suitable solutions for your industrial repair or protection problemss


Take advantage of our expertise to select the products best suited to your materials

All inclusive service with our partners

Benefit from a turnkey service with our network of qualified partners

Budget optimization

We always recommend the products best suited to your problem, for optimum results according to your budget.