CSNRI LeakStopper

CSNRI LeakStopper

Leak Stopper™ is fast! It has been designed to be able to perform temporary leak repairs safely and quickly. It uses an optimized collar method, which provides an effective reinforcing composite sleeve over it and increases service life. Its specific dentition which is integrated into the collar allows better grip of the sleeve.

The draw loops have been reduced in height to allow easy composite reinforcement. Their thickness is less than 3 cm, which allows a thin finish.

Product performance has been tested and validated. The products have been tested by independent bodies, in particular on the breaking strength and creep of the collar. The values ​​achieved guarantee that Leak Stopper™ is a reliable repair.



Leak Stopper™ is ideal for repairs on site or offshore, on oil and gas pipes, chemicals in refineries, petrochemical sites, hot or cold water networks as a replacement for long-to-implement bolted systems .

Installing Leak Stopper™ is simple. It requires specific pliers to tighten the collar on the leak. The result is immediate and reliable. Once installed, the repair can be reinforced with a composite sleeve system to extend the life of the repair. Consult us.


• Available as a kit that can be stored for emergency response
• The tightening teeth are in the collar to facilitate tightening and speed of intervention
• Collar can be extended for diameters greater than 16 inches
• Equipment tested by external laboratories
• Certified by SGS for its resistance


• Rapid intervention to reduce the environmental risk to hydrocarbons
• Teeth incorporated in the collar for more safety, resistance and speed
• Low height, easy composite reinforcement
• No specific diameter, reduces storage costs

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CSNRI LeakStopper